Olympia iPod and Mac Repair

The chillest repair shop in Cascadia

Here at Olympia iPod and Mac Repair, you will find reasonable prices, high-quality honest work, and in-depth explanations in the plainest of layman's terms should you be so curious. Your Mac will not be turned down for being "too old" nor will you be pestered to *just buy this new one*. I am equipped and experienced to tackle even the hardest of repairs, from smashed screens, spilled liquids, to comprehensive data recovery from dying hardware, as well as RAM and SSD upgrades and much much more.

Olympia iPod and Mac Repair opened in 2009. At the time, it was the only Mac shop in the Olympia/Lacey area. Today, it is still the only Mac hardware repair and service shop in this area (though there is now a Mac Store in the mall offering Mac sales and limited in-warranty service). Having major repairs done on your Mac by Apple (nearest Apple Store is Tacoma) or The Mac Store(a 3rd party retailer) means you're without your Mac for about three weeks, while they ship it off to a centralized repair site in another state. By contrast, my repairs and services are done on-site in my West Olympia shop or on-site at your business, in a matter of days or less, for about half the cost.

I am a life-long Mac user. My first Mac was a Performa 400 (mid '90s). Macs are more expensive up-front than other computers, because they contain the most top-of-the-line cutting edge technology, are exceptionally well designed and built with unsurpassed quality. And that's just the hardware. OSX is the most straightforward, user-friendly operating system in the world. With proper maintenance and repairs, your Mac will last a decade or more (though I do not recommend that the same Mac remain your primary computer for that whole decade).

Diagnosis and in-person examinations/consultations are free, and if your Mac cannot be fixed, you won't be charged.

The OiMR workshop is located on Olympia's West Side, 3 blocks south of the westside Olympia Food Co-Op, and a 5-min walk from Harrison & Division.

Buying A New Mac?
I am in the business of repair - of keeping your things working. I have worked on and seen the insides of every single Apple product released in the last 10+ years. While the majority of Apple's products are long-lasting and extremely well engineered, nobody is perfect. There are a few...bad apples: computers and devices which cannot easily be disassembled/repaired when broken, or are unexpectedly expensive to find parts for. Likewise, there exist a few specific models which are exceptionally repairable, user-serviceable, and cheap to maintain. While I do not generally sell new or used Macs myself, If you're in the market for a new or used Mac, I would be happy to share my recommendations which should help you avoid those pitfalls and meet your exact computing needs.

Identifying your iPod/Mac

Here are some resources to aid in identifying what exact model of mac/iPod you have:

  • For Macs:
    Click here for our Mac laptop identification guide.
  • For iPods:
    Click here Apple's own iPod identification guide, or click here for the WikiHow article on how to ID an iPod.

When you contact me, please tell me which iPod or Mac model you have before describing its problem.