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Note: I do not fix iPod Touches or iPads. Here is why:

I do not fix iTouches, iPads or iPhones as a matter of principal. While the majority of Apple products are built to last and to be able to be repaired when the time comes, these devices generally are not. They are held together with glue, difficult and often dangerous/toxic to work on, and seem to be intended to be replaced when broken, not repaired. Even when taken to an electronics recycling center, devices in such facilities have to be disassembled and separated into their component parts by human workers. Having devices which are glued together, dangerous and non-repairable also tends to make them prohibitively expensive to recycle.

I am philosophically and ethically opposed to the use of a device meant to be thrown away when broken, as this will only serve to further pollute our world and deplete our limited planetary resources. Apple is not the only high-tech company which produces such devices, and not all Apple products are like this. Every time you buy a device, you are voting with your dollars. Please, only buy devices which have been engineered to be able to be repaired and recycled. With more conscious consumption, we all can help get electronics manufacturers back on track towards a sustainable, repairable and recyclable future.

If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and you need it fixed, you can contact Steven at Olympia iPhone Repair: (360) 359-0156 He specializes in smart phones and touch-screen devices and has all the specialized tools necessary to pull apart glued devices. His shop is near the Top Foods in Southwest Olympia.

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